Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Registration Party – 1800 to 2200 or so… Location: Caribou Room with Gasoline Lollipops!

Join us to kick off the convention! Live Music, Beer Included, bar & dining. Check out the menu here!

Bring your patrol’s season movie! From this year or your fav from the past. We’ll be playing these on the Caribou Room’s new screen before the band goes on stage.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Day Events – 0900 to 1500 at Eldora Mountain Resort [directions] [event map]

Registration – 0830 to 1100 at Timber’s Tap Room, Timber’s Lodge

Dual GS Race – 0930 to 1100 on Chute – $10 for two runs.

Haircuts – Take your hair to the next level with a new ‘do from Holly, Official Stylist of Pro Patrol 47. Haircuts from the shoulders up only.

Toboggan Race – 1000 to 1200 Jolly Jug Course, UP the Poma Lift(wut?!), Banked Slalom Finish!   BYO Toboggan $30 per team (3 people)

Uphill-Downhill Race – 1030-1130 Indian Peaks up-track to PHQ, Down Labelle/Hot Dog. $10 per person. You gotta get up to get down.

Cookout Lunch – 1130 to 1300 Burgers and Weiners at West Wing Deck

Boo Toss – 1300 to 1430 – Corona Lift: $1 per boo, 5 boo max per lap.  Chuck your sticks at three target zones under the Corona Chair.

King of the Mountain Race – 1300 to 1500 Starts at West Ridge Gate: Salto/West Ridge Sweep Course, try not to spill your beer. Ends at Beer Can Rescue Arena! – $5

Beer Can Beacon Rescue – 1300 to 1500 – West Ridge  $5 – King of the Mountain or not, fire up yer beacon. Once it’s dug you chug!


Afterglow Party – 1900 to Late at The Pop-Up in Boulder with The Goonies Colorado’s best 80’s cover band!

Live Music, Beer Included, Pro Patrol Award Ceremony, and Giant Raffle!




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